Saturday, August 11, 2018

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for the Companies of The Dance Gallery!  Your passion and dedication were applauded by the directors and the judges.   
We hope you continue to train and develop into amazing dancers and entertainers. 
 For those who attend the Commitment Party, please bring your current dance jacket.  
 Your first Company Installment will be due at the Party.

Junior Ballet Company 2018-2019
Sunny Ever Bowman,  Kaylin Deardeuff,  Karsyn Headley, *Aydan Johnson (pending audition), Brealyn Lowe,  Brecklyn McFerrin,  Isabel Meyers, Ella Moss,  Millie Murley,  Mary Grace Owens, Annalee Rutherford,  Katelynn Sierra, Tess Stockdale. 

Senior Ballet Company 2018-2019
Kenley Baker,  Emma Caballero,  Isabelle Flores, Haley Freeman, Jillian Gaona,             Erika Gibson,  Cassidy McKinnon, Sadie Minielly,  Marissa Myers,  Presley Prather,  Presley St. Clair,  Abigail Thomson, Kaitlyn Villarreal, 
Ella Maria Webb, Alli Wolfe

En Pointe Company 2018-2019
Jennifer Bentley,  Madelyne Brown, Kate Cardelli,  
 *Sophia Cortinaz (pending audition)  Audree Macias,  Taryn Porter

Darling Company 2018-2019
Sarah Ballew,  Ellis Coughlin,  Elena Crump,  Brooklyn Ducas,  Lydia Fazzina, Kayley Flatt,  Abella Garcia,  Daryn Garza,  Lauren Gonzales, Ruby Granlund,
 Natasha Harry,  Makauley Hopper,  KaBrielle Lowe,  Eden Maines, Millie Murley,  *Keegan Nixon (pending audition)  Aniyah Ortiz,  Sarah Sanchez,  
 *Vivian Uziel (pending audition),  
 Ava VandePol, Laney Wells,  Lynken Zint

Starlet Company 2018-2019
Atley Bristo,  Marley Byrd,  Caroline Cathey,  Maci Cooper,  Kaylee Cottrell,  Madelyn Dean,  Avery Deardeuff,  Abigail Flores,  Daniela Galvan,  Carmen Gentry,  Callie Gillean,  Peyton Griggs,  Briley Harrison,  Gillian Hinkle,  Kylie Hixson,  Taylor Housewright,  Madison Israel,  Emilee Jaime,  Kailyn Jeffers,  Kynlie Jones,  Lauren King,  Kennedy Lorton,  Tatum Maines,  Cassidy McKinnon,  Lillian McNeill,  Kadence Moyers,  Emery Murray,  Hadli Sefcik,  Brooklyn Smith,  Addie Claire Turnbow,   
Peyton Turner,  Anneke VandePol,  Lainey Wagner,  Xia Yert

Company Dance Gallery, Competition With Class 2018-2019
Kenley Baker,  McKenzie Baker,  Jennifer Bentley,  Alex Brock,  Madelyne Brown,  Sadie Callsion,  Kendall Cathey,  Catherine Denson,  Aubrey Ducas,  Anne Elyse Edwards,  Anna Everett,  Jillian Gaona,  Hannah Gonzales,  Taylor Harrison,  Naomi Harry,  Elizabeth Hughes,  Taylor Jackson,  Kinley Jeffers,  Henry Johnson,  Jenna Keesee, *Loren Macias (pending audition),  Emily McManus,  Sadie Minielly,  Abrie Olguin,     Mia Pitts,  Presley Prather,  Taylor Rieber,  Makenlie Smith,  Brooke Taylor,  Avery Todd,  Giselle Villarreal,  Rylea Vineyard,  Ava Grace Wallach,  Grace Ward,  Ella Maria Webb,  Camden Wells,  Allie Wood,  *Viviana Ziegner (pending audition)